Welcome to our KERO scaffolding systems.


We are producers and traders of the top-selling scaffolding systems in Europe.


Z-8.1-940 KERO RHU 070 regulates the "mixed" installation of KERO parts specified therein together with

"Hünnebeck Bosta 70" (Zul. Nr. Z-8.1-54.2)


Z-8.1-895 KERO RK 073 regulates the "mixed" installation of KERO parts specified therein together with

"Layher-Blitzgerüst 70S" (Zul. Nr. Z-8.1-16.2)


Furthermore we produce systems for several users in smaller amounts which are common-use.

Know-how of many years in the scaffolding sector:


    • latest and most innovative branded scaffolding systems
    • of almost every producer
    • certified, checked and sorted out
    • fair prices

    Frame scaffolding can be built up quickly and safely due to the fact

    that you only need a few principal components.

    With easy handling by sticking together, facades and objects with

    mostly straight outlines can be constructed very efficiently.

    Best quality

    also our "second hand material":


    KERO also offers you second hand scaffolding

    material which is fully operational.

    • in terms of the certification
    • from almost every producer
    • cleaned and sorted out
    • best-quality

    RHU 070/ 100

    KERO RHU 070 Z-8.1-940 regulates the "mixed" installation of KERO parts specified therein together with

    "Hünnebeck Bosta 70" (Zul. Nr. Z-8.1-54.2).


    KERO - The solution in purchase:


    for all Bosta-users!


    • certified and proofed
    • durable
    • just in time
    • individual consulting
    • fair prices


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     Your Frame Scaffolding

    We produce scaffolding parts for your existing scaffolding system made out of aluminium, wood and steel.

    Monitored foreign manufactoring facilities guarantee standardized and tested material. 

    As per your wishes we evaluate static calculations, sample certificates and approvals.

    For your individual needs:


    • series scaffolding parts
    • proven basic components
    • customer-related accessories
    • custom-made products

    Because of the mutable connection possibilities of the modular scaffolding,
    it is possible to scaffold almost every kind of outline.
    There can be made up to eight different connections per joint point in an
    altitude grid of 50 cm and many different field lengths.

    Flexible, constructive, robust:


    Approved by the building authorities from the German Institution of Construction Technology.


    • MK 073 in the measures f. e. 0,73 -2,57 m
    • MPL 070 in the measures f. e. 0,70 -2,50 m

    Since 1960 this system is effectively in use all over the world. With only one
    single triangular element it is possible to assemble all kind of forming of the scaffolding towers.

    The traditional original one:


    Shortest set-up times and miximum
    load capacity. The easy and logical
    assembly sequence ensures an
    error-free set-up of falsework.

    Rolling towersAluminium

    The rolling towers out of aluminium assure a save working platform in every
    essential working height outside as well as inside.

    Top-quality, professional & certificated rolling towers:


    • light & tough
    • all working heights
    • innovative, latest technology
    • user-optimized
    • economical
    • certificated with following sign TÜV/GS




    In close dialogue with the final consumer developed scaffold decks.
    Depending on the application requirements we deliver scaffold

    planks for your scaffolding system in all desired lengths and widths
    in aluminum, steel and wood.

    Developed, calculated, tested and approved:


    • fulfills the requirements
    • certified and proofed
    • extremly stable and resistant
    • weight-optimized
    • mixed stackable
    • safe and tangible profiles




    KERO aluminium decks with the optimized construction height and reduced weight

    are applicable on every scaffolding system and offers you the solution regarding your needs.


    The corresponding KERO aluminium deck has been approved by the
    German Institute for Construction Engineering under licence number Z-8.1-895*.


    *The General Inspectorate Approval Z-8.1-895 regulates the "mixed" installation of

    KERO parts specified therein together with Layher-Blitzgerüst 70 S (approval no. Z-8.1-16.2).

    For almost every scaffolding system:


    • stackable with all common decks
    • small headroom of only 52 mm
    • easy to handle through the palpable profile
    • allows simple cleaning without edges at the end of the decks
    • approval of mixing Z-8.1-985*
    • certified by SUVA*

    * applies to the corresponding system decks




    Test the new KERO timber deck "Made in Germany" in your existing scaffolding system.

    They have been glued according to the instructions of DIN 1052 (Glue evidence C).

    The KERO timber deck has been approved by the German Institute for

    Construction Engineering under the licence no. Z-8.1-940*.

    *The General Inspectorate Approval no. Z-8.1-940 regulates the "mixed" installation of

    KERO parts specified therein with the system Hünnebeck Bosta 70 (licence no. Z-8.1-54.2).

    Made in Germany - test now:


    • highest torsion resistance
    • disks glued into 4 blocs
    • easy cleaning thanks flat surface
    • comfortable work at kneeling or sedentary activities
    • mountable on both sides
    • available in lengths from 0,74m - 3,00m




    Due to the tailored walking-surface and loading class the

    KERO steel-decks can be combined with your existing scaffolding system.

    A strong profile:


    • extremely solid and resistant
    • robust and durable
    • ergonomic handling
    • easy for transport




    High quality standard and long-lasting functionality are the main characteristics
    of our accessory out of system.

    International standard:


    • personal protective equipment
    • safety nets/ fall-prevention nets/ scaffolding protection nets
    • tarpaulins and enclosures
    • lift off preventer
    • framework pallets
    • freight- and passenger elevators
    • special constructions
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