Welcome to our storage systems.

With pleasure we inform you about our wide range of storage systems.

As there are so many different fill masses there are a lot of possibilities how to store them on the most efficient way.


This kind of storage system allows the arms to be horizontally inserted into the vertical columns. Despite the heavy loading capacity of the arm, this remains flexible and moves side wards and upwards when hit for example by a forklift truck. Arms and goods remain undamaged.


The KERO cantilever rack KR 5 offers you a continuous storage space for an optimised space requirement.


The KERO cantilever rack KR 5 can be used one-sided or double-sided in all common heights until 6,0 m and up to a length of 200 m. Many variations are possible. The KERO cantilever rack KR 5 can be produced for halls but also for the exterior use, provided that the bottom is flat and stable.


If the cantilever rack is for the exterior use, it is recommended to set up a roof which is quick and easy to erect by using roof arms. In addition, the columns can be used as brackets to build up halls quickly and economically with pitch roofs, span roofs or hip roofs.

Because of the few single components of the KERO cantilever rack KR 5, assembly and dismantling is easily possible at any time.


The arms support one-sided a charge until 2000 kg and can be hooked in the punched patterns on the columns as per your needs. So the storage levels are adjustable without affecting the structural calculations.


The double-sided cantilever rack KR 5 supports each side a charge until 16 t. We calculate statically and adjust each KERO cantilever rack KR 5 individually as per the needs of our clients in all workable heights, lengths of the arms, load types and roof constructions.

  • manufactured out of tough IPE-profiles
  • cantilever arms are horizontally inserted into the vertical columns
  • the inserted jaws are forged
  • the arms can be adjusted without any use of tools and the storage
  • levels are adjustable each 100 mm
  • the arms remain flexible and are able to move side wards and
  • upwards when hit for example by a forklift truck
  • the cantilever rack and the goods remain undamaged
  • many variations are possible, jammed as well as screwed cantilever arms


The KERO pallet rack PR6 has optimal statically values because of the easy construction of frames and beams which can be hooked in easily. The beams made of IPE-steel profiles with welded connection-elements guarantee a strong connection with the frame and also a long durability.
It is particularly suited for the storage of pallet goods in every height.
As well as our cantilever racks the pallet racks can also be individually adjusted and be erected for halls or with roof-construction. The frames serve hereby as sustainable columns and are able to support a charge until 18 t.

The easy and save transfer of the beams provides a quick and economic storageof pallet-goods with all dimensions.

AccessoryStorage systems

As per your needs we elaborate you an individual solution.

From the wide selection of accessories can be individually assembled barrel-, tire- and cable drum racks. As store support can be used gratings, particle boards and load dispatchers. It is possible to put a hot dipped galvanized, low-priced and easy to installed cover roof on the top by the use of overhead consoles so that the rack can be placed outdoors.


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